Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My name is Kacy.  My job, is mom and wife.  I take this job seriously and with the growing concern of all the toxic stuff that is added to our foods, I'm on a mission to feed my family a healthy diet without leaving them (and me!) feeling deprived of all the good stuff.  My children are all healthy normal kids so the biggest challenge with them will be convincing them they don't need Goldfish and yogurt and survive.  My husband and I are carb junkies and this will be our biggest challenge.  We started following a Paleo (an 80/20 version) diet back end of August beginning of September and we did good for a few weeks.  My husband lost 17 pounds.  I found them :)  With my son starting kindergarten and the whirlwind of events that accompanied, we fell off the paleo wagon.  Now I'm ready to get back on.  Our pantry started to stock up again on ready to go snacks for school lunches and I realized I need to get a handle on it quick. 
I'm already very conscious of several additives and processed foods so I understand that the simplest way to go is cut the processed... right?  Well doing that with a 5 year old who has a bunch of kids at the lunch table telling him that what he is eating is yucky makes this very difficult!  This little girl told my son his banana was yucky.  Geez!  Is this what I am going to have to deal with for the next 11 years?  Now my kid, who used to LOVE bananas absolutely WILL NOT take one to school.  So he wants to eat the tray lunch or the sack lunch (whole wheat bread, lunch meat and american processed cheese food - gag me with a spoon) because that is what "everybody else is eating."
I also have an extremely picky eater almost 4 year old and is is proving VERY difficult to get her to eating almost any kind of vegetable and most fruits.  
Here, I plan to write our progress, sucessess and failures, and share the things I find helpful in transitioning a family with small children to a healthier lifestyle.  
Wish us luck!